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Do you charge?

No.  TCAPS does not charge for investigating claims.

Are your investigator's trained.

TCAPS has in house training system that is over seen by a committee.

What can I expect?

So you are interested in having TCAPS come in and investigate your home (or property).  We will contact you and have you answer a questionnaire about experiences you or your family have had.  We will then research the history of the location.  We will then schedule a time to sit down and talk with you to set up a schedule where a group of 4 to 6 can come in, set up equipment and try to catch evidence of activity.  After we leave we will then review the evidence.  Once review is complete we will then schedule another meeting with you to go over that evidence.

If this activity is not something you want to continue then we can do a cleansing of the area and ask the spirits to leave.